Thursday, September 5, 2013

Story by Ian Frament

When I was in 6th grade I was a larger kid. I was 4 foot even and 140 pounds. Being that size and being picked on I was depressed and had suicidal thoughts, I was only 11. I have been wrestling since I was 5 but wasn't very aggressive about it. The next school year came around and I started modified I worked hard all summer and got down to about 125 pounds. Once wrestling season came around I worked even harder and wrestled that year at 110 pounds. I was happier, healthier, and no one picked on me anymore. All that work showed on the mat, that year I went 11-0. I'm now about to turn 15 and I'm planning on wrestling 126-132 depending where my team needs me. Wrestling made me who I am, it's all I know and all I want to know. Wrestling gave me an unusually great work ethic, everything I do, I do full out. Wrestling also taught me nutrition, pride, and confidence.
That's my story. If wrestling is removed from the Olympics I will be crushed knowing I've worked so hard since I was 11, and I can't show it at the Olympics and get my shot at gold

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Story by Lance Campbell

I am high school teacher, who works with at risk youth.  It is fair to say that I am being groomed to move into administration with eye towards becoming the school principal.  This would not be the case if it were not for the sport of wrestling.  I cannot even imagine what my life would be like today without the sport of wrestling. 

When I was a child, I used to wrestle with some neighbors in our front yards.  I was crushed when I entered high school, and learned that the school had dropped wrestling a couple of years before I entered.   Finally, my junior year, the school reinstated its program, and I was able to compete.  The downside was that I was lacking experience, and so were my teammates.  After two years of competing in high school, I competed at the junior college level. 

When I transferred to a four year college, my college had dropped its program, and it still has not been reinstated more than twenty years later.  I still competed during my later college years because I competed in the Olympic styles of freestyle and Greco Roman.  When I graduated, I went into the work force, but I did not feel fulfilled, and I missed the sport.

Soon, my high school wrestling coach asked me to take over the program at my Alma matter.  I did take the program over, which led to me pursuing a career in education.  I have been teaching for sixteen years now.  Today, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many young people, many of whom have come from a difficult home life.  If it were not for wrestling, this would not be the case.

Most of the travel that I have done in my life time has been a direct result of wrestling.  Thanks to the sport of wrestling, I not only have friends all over the United States, but in many nations around the World.  I know of no other sport that develops such discipline in young people.  I know of no other sport that offers such a level playing field for competition.  People from all classes can compete.  You do not need to be wealthy, you do not need to be big, tall, or even strong to find success.  Wrestling is truly a sport for all people.  As legendary coach and wrestler Dan Gable said, “More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill – none have wrestled without pride.”

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Story by Ali Nazari

It all started my freshman year in high school. I loved basketball,  I wanted to make the high school team. I've played basketball my whole life up until my freshman year in high school. I tried out for the team and I didn't make it, I was heart broken. I needed something else to do, so I joined wrestling. First off season practice I fell in love with the sport, I was really good at it too. I had a good first season, but my season fell short due to my terrible grades, I was devastated. Wrestling drove me to do better in school,  and in life.  Wrestling made me into a better man today. If it wasn't for wrestling I would not have graduated high school in 4 years, wrestling drove me to succeed. I went from a 1.04 GPA freshman year to at 3.02 GPA my senior year. I'm currently in college working on my bachelors degree in criminal justice.  #KEEPOLYMPICWRESTLING

Story by Dana Jarvis

I wrestled from 5th grade through college and briefly coached at the high school level.  While my success on the mat was important, even more essential, was my character development.  For me, wrestling was the catalyst for developing into an ethics-focused leader.  As a result, I have "paid it forward", by helping to coach youth wrestlers.  To see these young guns have a winning attitude and do the best that they can, is awesome.  Routinely, I have the opportunity to teach wrestling to the next generation of kids.  My hope is that they will develop into people with values of honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Story by Dino

As I was a fat freshman boy at 5'7 178, I needed a way of loosing weight, I tried running, i lost motivation, I tried most diets, I didn't see results, I just gave up, then school came around and me being a religious muslim I simply fasted and lost 4 pounds in a month, I loved loosing weight but a problem was that I can't fast everyday, as soon as ramadan ended school started, I didnt have gym first semester and I didn't play any fall sports because simply I was done with running after years of trying I just didnt want to until I joined wrestling in november and lost a lot of weight, enough weight for people to notice it. I thought I hated wrestling but it taught me to love it and simply live it I work hard all day and night if I have to, curently I'm 156 and going down. I just want to thank the beautiful and most old sport for everything. It could change someone elses life, that's why olympic wrestling should be saved. Thank You

Story by Joe McFarland

Wrestling? I was one of those small kids in high school who had no other options. I loved the sport and it served as an outlet for me. My senior year I weighed 105 pounds.

I wrestled in college because they had no one else at my weight. I felt I was in college to learn to do a job, but still enjoyed the sport. I weighed 157 pounds when I graduated.

In medical school, it seemed like school would never end. I wrestled for the Multnomah Club. It saved my life. I was able to talk and pal around with normal people once in a while (wrestlers).

After finally escaping from school, I didn't need wrestling any more. Injuries also made it tough for me to continue.

Now, at age 72, I'm back at it. I wrestle once a week with a 66 year old attorney who is as nutty about wrestling as I am.
it allows him to get free medical advise from an Orthopedic Surgeon and I get a chance to choke an attorney.

Thanks for all you are doing. I'm in your corner and always will be.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Story by Paul Buico

I was about to leave for West Point as a young 18 year old knowing that I had some tough years ahead of me. My wrestling coach, Gary Mimms, sensed my apprehension and simply stated a fact. He said, "Paul, you are a wrestler and if you can wrestle you can do anything." I have kept that thought with me my whole life and it has stood the test of time from West Point to the Army to marriage and beyond to my two boys who I am proud to say are wrestlers. Always remember what my great coach said as it will be a motto for all wrestlers to live by whether they take wrestling from the Olympics or not!